Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This holiday season, make some time for outdoor adventure!

Your tree is decorated, presents wrapped, menu planned and house cleaned. Your holiday itinerary is set but did you leave room for some outdoor adventure? With a little creativity you can get the whole family outdoors and having fun this holiday season. 

Here are a few outdoor activities for the whole family to try:

-         Instead of hitting the Boxing Day sales, head to a local park or trail for some fresh air and exercise.  Bet it won’t be as crowded!
-         Grab some bird seed and trek into the forest to feed out feathered friends.
-         Did you get your kids a new bike for Christmas?  If so, go for a run while they bike or bike with them as an added bonus with the gift.
-         Got snow?  How about a Christmas Day snowman building competition? 
-         Have old left over Christmas decorations?  No problem.  Find the perfect tree in your yard (or close by) and decorate it on Christmas Eve. 
-         Wondering what to do with all the leftovers?  Make some turkey sandwiches, a salad with the leftover veggies or just bring what you have for a winter picnic.  Hike a new trail and find the perfect spot to enjoy a post Christmas meal.

Last year we 8 extra houseguests to entertain for a week and in order to maintain some sanity, we had to get them out of the house!  We hiked the Holland Creek Trail, Westwood Lake, Jack Point, and spent a cold afternoon playing in the park waiting for the crab traps to fill.  They never did L.  The most memorable outdoor activity happened by chance.  After the gifts were unwrapped and the energy in the house high, I suggested we make cardboard sail boats out of the leftover packaging.  Creativity came alive!  The family engineered sailboats with giant sails, a few rafts and even a catamaran!  We hiked through Hemer Park and released out boats in the raging creek.  (Usually it is a slow moving brook but recent rains created rough conditions).  Sadly they all capsized.  Who knew chasing the boats down stream and attempting to free them from log jams would be so much fun for everyone!

Looks like the weather will be cooperating for most of Canada during the holidays.  Meaning there are no excuses!  Get out there and enjoy your holiday outdoor adventure!

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