Monday, January 9, 2012

Witty's Lagoon the perfect micro adventure

Epic adventures have been far and few between as of late.  The holidays, family, responsibilities and obligations have taken up most of our time. All part of this wonderful game of life but the adventure bug is starting to itch.  Thank goodness for the amazing regional parks on Vancouver Island.  They have provided many temporary adventures as we bide our time for that next big outdoor exploring adventure.

As much as I love taking in the charm and city life of Victoria, I love getting away from it just as much.  Pretty sure it was a unanimous "Yes please" from Ben, Liv and I when Joel suggested stopping at Witty's Lagoon on our way home from two days of shopping, dining, and being tourists in Victoria.  My poor mother in law never had a vote.  Thankfully she was a willing participant.

Witty's Lagoon is located in the Capital Regional District of Metchosin on Vancouver Island.  Like most regional parks here on the island, the park comprises of multiple water sources and a temperate rain forest creating a thriving ecosystem.  The park is located along side the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Bilston Creek Watershed.   The lagoon is a stretch of salt water separated by sand hosting an environment teeming with life. The most noticeable at this time of the year were birds.  Wish I could have spent more time trying to identify a few of them.  Instead I became caught up in our very popular game of “hiking hide and go seek”.  A game where one person counts to 20 while everyone else runs ahead and hides close to the trail.  I figured my attention should be on making sure I actually find the children rather than the rare species of birds.  Seems the other two adults were too busy trying to out hide me so someone had to be the responsible one. Who knew that grandma was such a strategic player?!

Amazing what a few short hours outdoors will do for your well being.  Fresh air and exercise was just what I needed after a holiday season of eating yummy rich food and being cooped up inside entertaining guests.  Those precious hours at Witty’s Lagoon allowed us to explore Beach Trail, Lagoon Trail, Bilston Creek, Sitting Lady Waterfall, and the beaches of Parry Bay. (The only trail we did not walk was Tower Point) This park really does have it all.  A little bit of something for everyone.  I would imagine Witty's Lagoon is a popular swimming hole in the summer. Who could resist swimming and diving into the lagoon with Sitting Lady waterfall as a backdrop?  The sandy beach at Parry Bay is ideal for those hot summer days.  I'm sure residents in the area make use of the 5 km of trails for running, dog walking, and bird watching because they are ideal for doing all of these activities.  And on top of all that the CRD has constructed a Nature Information Centre and have interpretive displays on the lagoon's natural and cultural history.  An added service is free guided tours with a CRD Naturalist in the summer months.  I am thinking this is one heck of a busy place during the summer months.   

If you have not been to Witty's Lagoon, what are you waiting for?  It's one of many coastal areas to discover and explore on Vancouver Island.  Sometimes micro-adventures are all that’s needed.

For more info on Willy’s Lagoon: Witty's Lagoon


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