Monday, February 27, 2012

SKI and SURF in a day

Chesterman Beach near Tofino, BC

Mt. Washington Ski Resort on Vancouver Island

There are not many places in the world where one can ski and surf in one day.  California, Morocco, Hawaii, and New Zealand are a few places that come to mind but Canada should not be left off that list.  Yes, CANADA!

Here is a quick geography lesson: The west coast of Vancouver Island is ideal for surfing all year round.  Sept thru March is the best time.  This is when storms originating in the Gulf of Alaska produce the surf that hits the beaches in near Tofino.  Jordan River, Muscle Beach and Sombrio Beach are also popular.  The waves are described as long and rolling creating perfect surfing opportunities.  Known for its mild temperate and ocean scenery some often overlook the mountains on Vancouver Island.  The Insular Mountains, a range of mountains in the Pacific Coast Ranges, are rugged.  Particularly on Vancouver Island where peaks rise to elevations of more than 2000m (6,600 ft).  With this elevation comes snow and with snow comes those who love to downhill ski. 

OK, now that we are up to speed in Geography 101 we can get back to the ski and surf in a day adventure.  If you live on Vancouver Island at most you are looking at 4 hrs in travel time to downhill ski and 7 hours to surf.  (Most of the population would be within 3 hours to ski and 5 hrs to surf.)  So, if you lived in the Nanaimo, BC area you could get up early and drive to Mt. Washington and ski until about 11am.  Then drive 4 hrs to Tofino, BC and hop on a surf board.  Ski and surf in one long and lots of driving day!  Of course that does not leave much time for skiing or surfing so how about planning a weekend of both?  It’s been done!  Ski one day and surf the next.

We are weekend adventures and by we I mean two adults and two children aged 6 and almost 5.  We choose to adventure as a family but you can turn a surf /ski weekend into so much more.  It can be as a girl’s weekend, a boy’s weekend, with a group of likeminded friends or just to cross one thing off your bucket list.  The options are unlimited.  And you don’t even need to go out and purchase expensive gear to do so.  Rentals are available for both and are affordable. Regardless of your age, family, or ability anyone can surf and anyone can ski. 

We could have attempted the ski one day surf the next but why not enjoy what you are doing?  So we turned the ski and surf in a day into back to back weekends.  I like to think of it as a more human way to adventure.

Weekend #2 Skiing
Weekend #1 Surfing

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