Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adventure date to Mt. Becher

I give this date two thumbs up!

Most would describe the perfect date being a romantic dinner for two.  This adventure junkie girl prefers something a little less flashy and a whole lot more fun!  How does snowshoeing to the top of a mountain sound?  Throw in snow topped trees, large snowflakes falling down and not another soul around and you have one romantic adventure for two.

I had mixed feeling about snowshoeing to Mt Becher.  I was excited to be going yet sad we were leaving Ben and Liv behind this time.  It breaks my heart not taking them but it was not an easy decision.  Joel and I have always made it a priority to adventure with our kids.  Because of that we have sacrificed many hikes or modified routes to accommodate Ben and Liv, who are now 6 and 5 years old.  These so called sacrifices turn out to be one of a kind adventure’s that I wouldn’t change for the world.  So why did we leave them behind this time?  Well, in all fairness we tried to snowshoe to Mt Becher with them once this winter and did not get very far.  As important as it is to adventure with the kids it’s just as important to adventure as a couple.  Today was just for us.

 I first learned about Mt. Becher from Pure Outside’s website.  I stumbled across the blog describing how to get there and was immediately drawn to the adventure.  Rather than describing the route myself I am just going to send you to Pure Outisde’s blog.  The photos and trail description there are far better than anything I could put together!  Pure Outside

When I planned this adventure I had envisioned bright blue sunny skies, stunning views of mountain tops and glaciers while snowshoeing alongside other like minded folk.  I really need to stop dreaming because we experienced the exact opposite.  Snowshoeing to Mt. Becher is a popular route so I am very surprised that we were the only ones there.  It was not an ideal day but it was not terrible by any means.  And by not ideal I mean overcast with a chance of flurries.  We knew that we were not going to get the views we had hoped for but never expected white out conditions and snow falling fast enough to cover our tracks.

Our adventure began sooner than we expected.  Perhaps we were distracted with reaching the top of an abandoned ski hill enroute to Mt Becher.  Perhaps it was the view of Comox Valley.  Whatever it was we made a navigational error early on.   It had snowed quite a bit the days leading up to our trip so the trail leading to Mt. Becher was not as obvious as we had hoped.  Not a problem.  We could see Mt. Becher and some of the distinct features, like Boston Falls and a spectacular bowl, noted on numerous trail guides we had read.  Joel quickly grabbed his compass and began to self navigate our way to Mt. Becher.  Turns out we headed a tad in the opposite direction of the trail.  We had suspected that and figured the thrill of navigating would be worth it in the end.  Slowly we made out way through the snow covered forest stopping to get our bearings before continuing on again.  After a few hours the snow began to fall and we knew we had to find the trail fast as we were loosing visibility.  We picked up the pace and I remember thinking we were never going to find it and have to turn around.  Then I heard Joel say those three little words that made my day.  “I found it!”  After two hours of trekking through the snow, up and down snow mounds, we finally found the trail.  From here on it was GO GO GO!  The snow was coming down harder now and if we were going to make it to the top we needed to boogie!  The further up Mt Becher we went, the bigger the snowflakes fell and soon we could barely make out the trail.   

Nonetheless we persevered and finally made it to the top of Mt. Becher.  At least we think we made it to the top of Mt Becher.  We had no points of reference as it was a complete white out.  But it was our white out and it was the most spectacular white out I have ever experienced.  I guess it’s not always about being rewarded with the view.  Instead I focused on a day of fresh air and exercise.  Seven hours of fresh air and exercise to be exact!  And the fact I could make it to the top of Mt. Becher with my best friend trumps any view.

Top of Mt. Becher


  1. Well done! It can be a tough one when the weather is hairy. You'll have to go back again when the weather is nice :)

  2. Sounds like a great hike - just out of curiousity, any signs of skidoo activity on the way in? This part of Strathcona takes quite a bit of abuse from 4x4s and ATVs in the summer and I'd assume that the same folks would have winter toys as well. BC Parks should definitely be informed if you saw skidoo tracks within the park boundary (near the top of the old ski hill) - Friends of Strathcona Park would appreciate being informed as well.

    1. Hey Dave, I did see snowmobile tracks but since I was unaware of the restrictions on where they can go, I do not recall if they were within the park boundry or not. Most certainly were on the ski hill. I will take notice next time and report my sightings. Thanks for the info!

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