Saturday, July 7, 2012

3 Ways to Beat the Heat

All winter long we patiently wait for the summer heat to arrive.  Once the summer heat arrives we then look for ways to keep cool.  There are many ways to keep cool in the hot summer sun and here are my top three ways to Beat the Heat!

1.  Hike or walk in the forest.  Step into a forested area and it feels like the temperature drops a few degrees.  Tree canopies create shade making the forest floor cool and damp.  Instant reprieve from the blazing sun.

2. Get wet.  Find a lake, river, beach or ocean front area and feel the cool breeze from the water.  Nothing is more refreshing than cooling off in clean crisp water.  The sunshine and warm temperatures can be enjoyed all day long when near water.

3. Find shade.  On those lazy days of summer why not pack a picnic, a good book, and some friends and claim a patch of shady grass as your own.  The shade keeps the grass cool to sit on while still enjoying the warm sunny day.

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