Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer of 2012 - an AMAZING recap

I suffer from adventure withdrawals a day after returning home from what ever adventure of choice my family and I happened to experience.  I try to keep myself busy during this time in the hopes I can distract myself enough to forget how wonderful and amazing it is to explore remote beaches, hike luscious forests and experience amazing scenery here on Vancouver Island.  Not an easy task.  Now that summer is coming to an end the adventure withdrawals are more painful.  I am already counting down the days til spring!  Perhaps sharing our summer adventures will help me cope during  this dark time.

The big adventures of our summer were mostly backpacking but we did cycle across two islands as well. (I have already blogged on this) Ben and Liv (who are 7 and 5 years old) are becoming more and more comfortable backpacking and we were able to expand our backpacking from one nighters to two!  We hiked the Juan De Fuca trail from Parkinson Creek to Botanical Beach; Elk River trail to Mt. Colonel Foster (the 4th tallest Mt on Vancouver Island), the Cape Beale and Topaltos Beach trail; and finished the summer off with a mom and kid's only backpack trip to Lake Helen Mackenzie.  We logged over 50km of trail and ate trail mix to the point where I hope to never have to eat it again. (until next summer)

Cape Beale trail
Lake Helen Mackenzie without Dad

Mt. Colonel Foster
Juan de Fuca trail

This summer we did not get out on the ocean as much as we have in past years but did manage to find time for a weekend of sailing.  Swinging from the mast was certainly the highlight for the kids.  Just because we did not get out on the ocean as much does not mean we did not adventure near water.  Scorching temperatures made outdoor swimming a must and we took full advantage of the cool waters of the Nanaimo River.  We floated down the river twice and spent many MANY days swimming in the river.

Floating down the Nanaimo River
Swinging on the mast

There were a few new things we tackled this summer.  One was climbing and the other was caving.  I have blogged about these adventures already so all I will say is WOW!  We all enjoyed caving.  Ben was right into exploring the unknown and Liv loved the fact she did not have to crawl around as much as the rest of us.  The verdict on climbing is still out there.  Liv is a natural and Ben enjoys it.  Joel is the reason we have started this new activity but I am not comfortable with it just yet.  I love exploring the climbing areas.  There are some amazing cliffs and the views are spectacular.  It will just take some time for me to build up my confidence in climbing and belaying.  We experienced three outdoor climbing areas this summer but it will take a while before I can say I enjoy climbing.  I am always up for a challenge.

The Chimney at the Sunny Side
Mt. Copley near Nanaimo, BC

Not all adventures need to be multi day events.  We too have jobs, commitments, and life outside of adventure.  We fit adventure in between all the other stuff as day trips, afternoons, or in the evenings.  Adventures like mountain biking, exploring lakes in our aluminum boat, hiking local trails, and having supper on the beach.  Summer only happens once a year and we make the most of it.

Day on Second Lake of the Nanaimo Lakes
Afternoon MUD ride

Reliving these adventures has relieved me of adventure withdrawals for the time being.  As the winter sets in I will make time to blog about the ones I have not yet blogged about.  Perhaps it will inspire adventures for the summer of 2013.  At the very least it should help me cope with adventure withdrawals.

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