Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Families who race together, stay together!

If there is a bumper sticker stating it, it must be true, right?  If only it were that easy.  Families are more than just fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters; they are the people who love, respect, support and care for you no matter what.  Like the famous quote states, “All for one and one for all!” 

I often think of my family as a team.  Everyone has their role or position and each is important to the rest.  Outdoor adventure and physical activity are huge in our family.  Sometimes it is mom and dad standing on the sidelines cheering on our soccer stars.  Other times Ben and Liv are patiently waiting at the finish line of some trail run, mountain bike race or adventure race that mom and dad have signed up for.  The best times are when we can all race together!

For the second year in a row Team Collins raced in the Perseverance Trail Run in Cumberland, BC.  It is held on the last Sunday in October making it a fun event for kids because they can wear Halloween costumes!  I will admit I am not a huge Halloween costume fan but put me in a race near Halloween and I will dress up, slightly.

The course we ran in was 3km in distance along some of the most beautiful trails in Cumberland.  We divided our team up allowing Ben and Liv to each run at their own pace.  I ran alongside Liv and Dad followed Ben.  How amazing it is be alongside your children when they experience moments of self confidence, pride and accomplishment.  A proud mommy moment. 

Team Collins made progress this year compared to last.  Ben’s time last year was 24:21 and this year his time was 17:32.  He placed 5th in his age category (Under 9 boys) and was 18th overall.  Liv had a time of 30:21 last year and managed to shave 4 minutes off this year with a finish of 26:47. Everyone was happy! 

All this success calls for celebration so we did what any other team would do.  We rewarded ourselves with some sweet deals on downhill ski gear at the local sports swap store in Courtenay!  Bring on the snow, Team Collins is ready!



Liv and I just minding our own business, running the trails in the Perseverance Run, when outta nowhere we were TERRIFIED by the Cumberland Bats!

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