Monday, September 23, 2013

Get Back Outside - Week 1

The David Suzuki Fall Family Challenge, Get Back Outside, began on Sept 16, 2013.  It was a surreal moment when we were announced as the first family profiled for week 1 of the challenge.  I love the photo of us with my quote alongside it.  A powerful message and over the years have come to realize that with each and every adventure we embark on, we are all learning something new.   Knowing we are helping to inspire families to get back outside is a great feeling.

For us, getting outside is not an issue.  As a family we are adventuring outside together nearly every other weekend.  It could be day trips, afternoon hikes, or multi day adventures close to home or hours away.  For this challenge I had to focus on getting back outside as a regular part of our life.  Luckily for us, being outdoors already is incorporated into our daily life.  We walk to school as much as we can and are lucky to live near a wild space.   We take quick bike rides, trail run, dig in the garden, or play in the yard during rain, shine, or fog.  When the challenge for week 1 was unveiled, I knew it would fit into our regular life seamlessly. 

Week 1 - Explore and underwater world.  The goal for this challenge was to make a viewfinder with a large tin can and take a close look at an ecosystem. 
Ben having some fun with the homemade viewfinder. How does this thing work?

Being able to incorporate learning into all out outdoor pursuits is important for us as a family.  The underwater world we explored was a pond.  It was the perfect ecosystem to explore, to find numerous critters that call it home, had a variety of plants to identify, and was extremely interactive!
Exploring beneath the surface. 

I asked Ben and Liv what kinds of things are needed in an ecosystem.  I was peppered with answers.  Food, water, shelter, energy, other living things and ME!
In order to explore an ecosystem, you got to get in it.

This week’s activity was done after school at ponds near our house.  We explored the underwater world on three separate occasions and each time experienced new things. It was great to enjoy time outside together with a little hike to the ponds afterschool.  Must do it more often!

We share an ecosystem with many living things, even this tiny frog!

Get Back Outside Photo Gallery


  1. Love that you're doing this challenge! I'm focusing on Take a Child Outside Week here in Indiana, but I will come back to this challenge later and use the activities as inspiration for my kiddos and I.

    1. Awesome Linda! Good Luck, so far we have been having a blast.

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