Monday, September 16, 2013

Music and Adventure

WILD/LIVE Thinklandia event.  A hike to the top of Mt. Douglas in Victoria, B.C. and enjoy some live music.

Music and nature share many similar characteristics.  The sound, rhythm, and harmony of each can change ones mood allowing one to relax and form connections that are unique to each individual.  This is true for adults as well as children.  Why has it taken so long for the two to be combined?

The Archers (less one band member) hiked up the mountain with their gear.
Inspired by Rifflandia, a four day multi venue music festival in Victoria BC, another event was born: THINKLANDIA.  This is a twelve day festival of imagination that transforms Victoria into a city of ideas.   A place where thinkers, entrepreneurs, speakers, makers, artists, and creators can engage, share, enlighten and inspire.

One thinker came up with the idea of having an up and coming local bank hike to the top of a mountain, play some tunes, and hope that others will follow.  Follow they did!

Great to see many people coming up for the concert.  Nice to see many families participate and kids leading the way.
It was an easy sell for me.  Adventure is the number one resource I use for teaching my kids about life, the world, and themselves.  It opens up a multitude of situations and experiences that will enable them to grow and develop self-confidence.   I jumped on the chance of combining music and adventure; body and mind.  I saw it as an opportunity to ignite development in my children socially, emotionally, intellectually, and in literacy. 
To describe the event, I am going to quote the organizer of the Thinklandia WILD/LIVE event.

“Take a wild mountain with a beautiful city backdrop, add great Victoria band The Archers and an audience of ~ 100 adventurous hikers, flavour with some spicy coastal weather, and what do you get? WILD/LIVE.”  Rumon Carter. 
Even though the adventure was within city limits, it was every bit of fun had it been in the wild.  Ben and Liv explored the natural space just like they do when we hike in the wild.  They climbed trees, they explored the flora and fauna, and they were challenged physically.

It was refreshing to see so many other families take part in this event.  Too often we underestimate what our children can do or how they can benefit from events like this.  Today dozens of children benefited from their time in nature with music.  Heck, I did too!

p.s. Take a rural family and plunk them in a city and you get Urban Adventuring.  We find adventure in everything we do, even in cities!

For more photos of the event and urban adventuring, check out the Thinklandia and Urban Adventures photo album. THINKLANDIA and Urban Adventures

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