Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Get Back Outside - Week 3

You know you put 2 socks in the washing machine so why is it only 1 comes out?  One of life's big mysteries.  So when I opened Week 3's Get Back Outside email and read "Sprout your socks", the first thing I thought was that clever David Suzuki managed to figure out how to grow socks!

All kidding aside, "Sprout a Sock" is not about growing socks (would be nice though).  The challenge was intended to spark a conversation about decomposing and collecting natures seeds.  For this challenge all that was needed was old socks and a plastic bag. It was not hard finding an old spare sock.  In fact I found 4 different white socks who were all missing their partner.  

Now all I needed was feet!  I have done some crazy ridiculous things just to get outside but never, NEVER have I worn a sock over my shoe.  How I go the rest of my crew to do it is beyond me. 

With sock on we hit our local trails for a family run.  The funniest thing was watching Ben.  Apparently wearing one sock brought out the goofball in him.  His leg went this way and that way…in ways I never thought it could bend!


Eventually, after much laughter, our socks were dirty and ready to sprout! We placed them in a plastic bag with some water and set the bag in a sunny place.  The kids checked the socks everyday which sparked lively conversations about rotting and composting.  Sadly, after 5 days of checking, praying, and hoping our socks would sprout we had to admit defeat. 

There was one important thing missing in our quest to sprout a sock.  We live on Vancouver Island and sometimes the sun does not shine.  After a week all it grew was an odor.   

For more photos visit the Get Back Outside Photo Gallery 

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