Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adventure Chat with Kids - Downhill Skiing

Up until now, my blog has been about storytelling and trip reports of our outdoor adventures as a family and the wild places to explore on Vancouver Island, BC.  Most of the content on my blog are articles that have been published in magazines, both online and in print.  Slowly I am making the switch from mostly magazine writing to more blogging.  To kick start this transition, I am writing a series of blogs called “Adventure chat with Kids”.

In this blog series, I will interview Ben and Liv about their outdoor adventure experiences.  I will chat with them about a specific outdoor activity they love, their favorite outdoor gear to use, what they learned from nature while adventuring or what it’s like going into the wild.  I hope to include a few special trip reports written by them for a unique perspective on life as an adventure kid.  Even an advice column written by kids for kids, advice on what every kid needs to know about adventuring with parents.  Yes parents, they too have their pet peeves about us.  The blog series idea being that, although they are just kids and are adventuring primarily because their parents do, they too enjoy wild experiences, want to test their limits, are reconnecting with nature and are capable of loving outdoor adventure.

My first blog post in this series is fun and light hearted.   I sat down with Liv, my 6 year old adventure girl, and chatted with her about downhill skiing, one of her favorite winter activities. 

Adventure chat with kids - #1 Liv and downhill skiing
How long have you been skiing? I think since I was 3 or something.  Feels like forever.
How did you learn to ski?  Ski lessons and mommy and daddy. 

Who do you ski with?  My brother Ben, mommy, daddy and grandpa.

What does it feel like wearing ski boots and skis?  The boots smush my toes together.  The skis make me feel like I am going down a hill super, super fast. 

Do you like going downhill fast? Yes. I can keep up to Ben now. He is 8. 

How do you stay warm? I wear my winter jacket, snow pants, and gloves.  And my helmet and goggles.  They are warm.  I get to drink hot chocolate at lunch to warm me up. 

What is the scariest thing about skiing? Crashing, because I don’t like it.  It is not fun. 

And what does Dad tell you when you are scared about crashing? Don’t crash. 

What do you like best about skiing?  I like riding the chairlifts and when you get up to the top of the mountain it is so fun going down.  I like that I can ski faster than my mom! (smiles)

Photographic proof! Liv skiing faster than mom.

Yes, you certainly can.  That’s why you are my adventure girl. What are your goals for skiing this year?  I really want to snowboard but my mom says I have to wait a few years.  I want to start skiing in the trees more and take jumps like my brother. 

You have to wait a few years before you can snowboard because we bought your boots and skis last year so now you need to use them.  We can look at snowboarding when you outgrow the skis.  Patience my dear, patience. (Reluctantly Liv says I know) 

It’s the last run of the day.  We are at the top of the mountain and are headed down to the chalet.  Our family tradition is to have a few beverages, some appies, and share stories from the hill before heading home.  What do you order?  Cranberry juice and french fries of course!

Cheers to an epic day on the slopes. 

Adventure chat with kids is a blog series.  If you missed past blog posts, here they are.

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