Saturday, February 7, 2015

68 hours of Hawaii – The Big Island [Blog Series] Part 5 Going out with a Splash PLUS our GoPro video

I had the great pleasure of becoming one of Fairmont Hotels Destination GoPro Heros.  With this privilege came the task of filming our story and experiences at one of Fairmont’s North American resorts for three days.  I choose Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii and armed with a GroPro Hero 3, our whirlwind adventure to Hawai’i and “My destination story” begins.

A quick recap of the blog series so far:  Part 1 Fairmont Orchid and luxury travel.  Part 2 A cultural and historical journey.  Part 3 Outdoor adventure.  Part 4 Helicopter tour.  All this travel, adventure and experiences in 68 hours! And we are not done yet.  Part 5 Going out with a SPLASH!

During our short trip to Hawaii, we certainly covered a lot of ground and air.  Now it was time to get wet and explore the beautiful warm ocean surrounding Hawaii.  The choices are endless.  Hawaii waters are warm, clear, full of sea life and easy to access.  The perfect combination for a morning swim and snorkel with Adventure X Boat Tours.  Highlights of this tour was swimming with wild spinner dolphins and snorkeling on a beautiful reef with a variety of fish and turtles.

To be able to swim with the dolphins, the boat travelled just off the shoreline to where these resident spinner dolphins hang out.  Then we put on our snorkel gear and jumped in.  Immediately I felt as though I entered a new world.  The clear waters allowed us to see the sandy ocean floor mixed with lava rock.  Then the spinner dolphins would swim around and underneath us.  To be swimming in the waters with such beautiful creatures was pretty amazing.  I could hear the spinner dolphins make their high pitch squeaks and clicking, watch them twirl and spin around each other, and feel them move around me.

After a few hours of swimming with the dolphins, the boat then took us to snorkeling on a beautiful reef known for the colorful coral, variety of fish, and turtles.  I could get used to “morning swims” in Hawaii.

Throughout the blog series, I have mentioned “My Destination Story” and filming our story at Fairmont Orchid.  What happened was, I won a video contest through Fairmont Hotels and became one of 42 Fairmont Hotels Destination GoPro Heros.  The task of being one of the Go Pro Heros was pretty simple.  Travel to Hawaii (for 3 days), enjoy our stay at Fairmont Orchid, take in as much of our destination as possible, film it all with the GoPro, and then create a 90 second video to be entered in a contest for a week-long trip for two to a Fairmont Hotel of my choice.  Even though I did not win the grand prize, winning a three day trip to Hawaii was pretty wicked.  And we have a pretty sweet video we produced to show for it! 

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  1. Great job on the video! I can imagine it was hard to shoot and star in it simultaneously :) You've showcased Hawaii beautifully and have me yearning to visit! I'm glad you two enjoyed a well-deserved adventure-packed three days.