Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ever wonder what your kids find annoying on outdoor adventures? Adventure Chat with Kids - Parent Pet Peeves

As parents, we all have them.  A list of irritations caused by our children that we cannot control - aka Pet Peeves.  Being an outdoor enthusiastic adventurous parent, there is a separate list of pet peeves our children provide while adventuring as a family.  You may know them. My Feet are tried! I'm Hungry! Are we there yet! Even after numerous statements explaining where we are, how much further we need to get, why we can't eat (again) and solidifying the fact that feet do not get tired after 10 minutes of hiking, these irritations continue! But honestly, these are hardly irritations.  More comical now because it has become repetitive year after year, adventure after adventure.  More like a habit now.

Then I wondered, do Ben and Liv have pet peeves about Mom and Dad while adventuring together? What is it we do, as parents that may cause irritations they cannot control?  The whole conversation turned out to be a great learning experience.  I can see now where a few things that Ben and Liv find annoying can easily be remedied by Mom and Dad...and some that are just plain to fun to stop.

Mountain Biking

Ben - Can a pet peeve be that my bike is not full suspension?

Mom - You mention it so often, can that be my pet peeve? (wink wink) I am more curious about the things that Mom and Dad do that you find irritating.

Liv - My pet peeve is when you guys don't wait for me on the trail.

Ben - When I want to hit a jump or stunt you're all like, "NO! I don't want to see you get hurt!" I never get hurt, you know.

I trust his ability and will try to bite my tongue more often because he is right, he has never gotten hurt...yet.


Ben - I know a pet peeve you have of us while hiking. We are always hungry!

Mom - That one tops the list for sure!

Liv - Yeah, and when I say I'm hungry and Dad replies, "Nice to meet you Hungry, I'm Dad." I hate that!

Ben - Also when Mom stops every two minutes to take pictures which get us nowhere fast.

I am always saying, "But we won't see this again so I have to take a picture."

Rock Climbing

Ben - When you yell up to me to use my strength and then when Dad gets up there he says, "Wow, this is pretty tough dude."

Liv - I love rock climbing.

At Camp

Liv - Waiting for the food to cook when I'm hungry.

Mom - Nice to meet you Hungry, I'm Mom.

Liv - MOM! RRrrr!
Contrary to what they think, there is always plenty of food available during adventures.


Ben - Grandpa is always telling me to get on the board.

Mom - Well, at least that is not a pet peeve about Mom or Dad.


Liv - You splash water on me when you paddle.  I don't like that.

Mom - Not on purpose! I thought you figured out a way to solve that?

Ben - Now that I am older, you have me paddle by myself.

Liv making sure I don't 'splash' her while paddling because she does not have eyes on the back of her head.


Liv - Losing my ski while on the chair lift.

Mom - Yeah, that was not cool and even worse it happened three times!

Ben - Definitely a pet peeve that you don't take us skiing more often.


Ben - I don't like snowshoeing very much.

Liv - Me neither.

Mom - Let me guess...because I stop and take way too many photos of anything and everything?

Ben & Liv - YES!!!

But it was an awesome looking pumpkin tart I made while camping!


  1. This post just had me smiling all the way. It also made me wonder what my kids' pet peeves about me is when we're adventuring - after reading this I think I'm going to have to ask them!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Hope your kids pet peeves were not too bad!