Friday, May 29, 2015

Outdoor Adventure Destination - Cumberland, BC

If Vancouver Island had a contest to declare the Outdoor Adventure capital of the island, my vote would be Cumberland, BC.  The setting alone screams adventure: along the foothills of the Beaufort Range and minutes from glacier fed Comox Lake. Cumberland is best known for its world class mountain bike trails and builders.  I bet every resident there has a mountain bike.

I used to think Cumberland was all about mtn biking but recent exploring and adventures have shown me there are plenty more ways to get your adventure on. Hiking, trail running, kayaking and canoeing to start. Downhill skiing, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing a short distance away.  Then I stumbled upon some information about rock climbing along the bluffs around Comox Lake.

I packed up all our gear, threw the family in the car, and headed north to Cumberland for a weekend of camping, rock climbing, and mountain biking of course! The best part about the whole deal was we could camp at Comox Lake and still be within minutes (walking) to the climbing area, bike to trails, and take full advantage of the local eateries and micro brewery Cumberland has. Yes, a new micro brewery has just opened up.  Another reason to check out Cumberland!

Majority of the climbing routes are about 5.10 with some bouldering sections as well.   We top rope climb and found some ancors at the Main Wall that suited our needs. Liv, adventure girl, is a huge fan of climbing.  Joel thought he found her a route that would challenge her but she managed to monkey her way up with ease. 

For me, climbing is not a high priority but I absolutely love watching both Ben and Liv push themselves to new heights.  I humor them by climbing as well, which they get a kick out of. Quite often the setting around the crag is stunning; lush coast forests, steep rocky bluffs, and if lucky great views surrounding the area. Cumberland has all of this.

What makes Cumberland a candadite to be Vancouver Island's Outdoor Adventure Capital is the fact there is something for everyone. Truly. Mountain bike trails for all levels, a great lake to play in, rivers to explore, mountains to hike, snow to play in and rocks to climb.

p.s. This post was written and published on my phone as a test post for some upcoming travel adventures.  
Plan to post as we go and share our outdoor travel experiences with you.


  1. Awesome!!! Sounds like an amazing spot! Will have to check our Island route to see if we can squeeze Cumberland in!

    1. So much to see and do but planning is half the fun too! It is a great little community with some pretty cool local business. Food, beer, bike shop, and a pretty wicked hostel. Definetly recommend.

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