Thursday, June 18, 2015

Adventure chat with kids - Travel Journals

Everytime we travel, I encourage Ben and Liv to write in a journal to capture their prespective of our travel experiences.  Liv, who is eight, faithfully writes in her journal every day and every night I look forward to reading her take on what we have done.

I asked Adventure Girl if I could share a section of her journal that I found humurous.  It offers a glimpse into our adventures, what we do, how we get places and details only an eight year old would notice. She agreed. I have typed out her journal exactly as she has written but have corrected her spelling.

"Jen Jones drove us to the airport and drove the car back home. We got a flight to Vancouver. In 15mins we got to the airport in Vancouver. And then Vancouver to London it took about 8 hours to get there. We also took the next plane to Brussels in 2 or 1 hours and then we ran through the airport where we thought that we would be late. But we were early. So we ran for nothing. From Brussels to Prague and then we stayed in a hostel for one night and I did not 100% like the bed because it creaked.

Then we took a train to Turnov in Czech Republic. It took 2 hours to get there. Then we got off and went to the grocery store to get some food. When we were done we got a taxi. The taxi only had 4 seats but there was 7 of us so we dog piled. I sat on my moms lap, Bella my cousin sat on her moms lap and Ben sat on my dads lap. And uncle Marc sat in the front. To the Hruba Skala Castle. We stayed there we went hiking. We got ice cream and stayed another night. This bell went off and woke up Ben then we went to a restaurant and ate. Then we went up to our rooms and went to sleep.

The next day we got up and went on a subway to pick up Ama, my grandma and then got a taxi. You remember the dog pile. If you do not know it is the 50th word. And then dads went to get Ama and we went to get food."

Her accuracy is spot on. She captured our 'dog pile' taxi ride perfectly and was indeed a memorable ride! Last but not least..she is aware of when we eat and buy food. I am amused and impressed with her noticing this enough to write about it....because if you know Liv...she is always hungry!

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