Wild Family of Wild Isle
learning life's lessons in the wild

On the Beaten Path crew: Joel, Jill, Liv, and Ben - photo courtesy of Rumon Carter

On the Beaten Path is a family of four who live on and explore Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada. Their passion for outdoors and being active has become a way of life.  They share their outdoor adventure experiences through photography and blogging about the wild parts of Vancouver Island.

Their adventures are to inspire not only families, but anyone who is curious about the wilderness.  How to get there, what to expect, what to do, and what you can find.  Being outdoors, exploring beyond everyday life, and embarking on adventure has proved to be the greatest hands on learning environment for them and their children. 

Who they are:

Joel - Photographer, safety coordinator, pack mule, logistics expert, gear maintenance, and navigator.  A true leader.

Jill - Writer, photographer, trip planner, researcher, packing department, social media director and menu planner. Has been known to suffer from adventure withdrawals.

Ben - 8 year old who loves his gear, attracts critters, has a wide selection of field guides in his pack and can "tear up a trail" better than his mom.

Liv - 6 year old who has the best fashion style out of them all, incredible determination, and if you had to bet on who could climb a route faster, her or a monkey?  She would win hands down! 

Jill has been a free lance writer since 2009.  Currently she writes a monthly column for Take 5 Magazine and has had many articles published in a variety of magazines.  The family and her have been featured on a CBC | All Points West radio program called Wild Isle and were one of the families profiled for the 2013 David Suzuki Foundations Fall Family Challenge.

Inspiring others to explore and create adventures of their own is one of the many rewards Jill has enjoyed because of her passion for all things wild.  Jill is extremely grateful to the many magazines and publications that have published her articles in the past.

The newest hat that Jill wears is a guide or sorts.  In 2013, Jill along with Ben and Liv, hosted a family nature walk during Ladysmith's Home Town Tourist weekend.  She also is the 'Adventure guide' for LaFF , a non profit family resource program in Ladysmith.  Once a month she guides families on trail walks, free outdoor play, scavenger hunts and encourages parents to explore the forest with their children.

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