Time spent outdoors can be so much more than just time outdoors. It can be time spent with those you love, time to have fun, time to race, time to challenge yourself, time to imagine, and time to Live in the Moment.


If I were to talk about backpacking the Juan de Fuca trail, a 47 km rugged wilderness hiking trail on Vancouver Island's west coast, who would you expect to hike alongside me?  Fellow outdoor enthusiasts? A big strong outdoorsmen?  How about a 4 foot tall, blonde, five year old girl?

Meet Liv, Our Adventure Girl.


In 2013 Take Me Outside launched a student video contest They wanted Canadian Students to prove why they thought Canada has the Best Backyard and how they like spending time in it. Ben's video placed 3rd in his category! Here is what Ben put together!

The search for Canada's Best backyard is discovered by Ben, an active eight year old boy who lives, plays, and adventures on Vancouver Island. It is not just a place where land meets ocean, it is a place filled with outdoor activities to pursue and endless areas to explore. Find out how Ben plays on Vancouver Island and discover for yourself why it is Canada's Best backyard!



I am still trying to get the video to load directly from Youtube but in the meantime, here is a short clip I did a few years ago for Take 5 TV.  Talking about hiking with kids - how to start, what to expect, and what to do.  Super funny ending.


Ever wonder what it is like to explore underground? Vancouver Island is home to over 1000 documented caves... with more still to come.  It is a great family activity. Exploration, education, adventure and fun! 

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